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Dog's Name: Roxy, 3 years old

Roxy's adoption story:

Roxy was at an animal control facility on the urgent list, just having had puppies at only nine months old. She had little hair on her back, so no one wanted her. I was seeking a companion for my Beagle Henry, and Roxy was not only affectionate, but spunky and spirited. We connected immediately and Henry adores her too. All of her hair came back in within a few weeks of care, love, good nutrition and security. I wish more people would overlook minor appearance issues at shelters and focus on personality of the animals.

More on Roxy:

Roxy makes me smile and laugh every day, regardless of the type of day I am having. Her exuberance for life is contagious. My dogs have also taught me to slow down and notice the little things along the way, to stop and smell the flowers so to speak. They get joy from the small things in life and live in the moment.

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